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Our ongoing education courses help architects and engineers learn about our technical solutions, so they’re prepared to put our innovative products and technology to work on their next construction projects. Watch broadcasts of technical seminars from the comfort of your office or home. Hilti webinars provide an interactive online learning experience through technical presentations that include live product demonstrations, technical panel discussions and more.

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Reputation points and badges can be earned through your activities on the platform such as reaching milestones (for example, first question posted or 5 certificates earned) and, also through the activities.

More about engineering

Profis Engineering Suite – Coming Soon

Tackle all your anchor design projects with minimal effort and maximum accuracy.

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Engineering Judgements For Unapproved Applications

Hilti's custom drawings.

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Profis Rebar

Hilti PROFIS Rebar design software helps you design a wide range of rebar applications.

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